Joomla Content Management Course

Joomla Language Development

Joomla Module Development

Joomla Component Development

Welcome to Joomla Plugins Development

What you'll learn
  • By the end of the class, you'll be able to create your own Joomla 3 template using Boostrap

What you'll learn
  • Build a component to save, retrieve, and display custom data
  • Add dynamic data with the model-view-controller to display the page and language file
  • Add finishing touches to the component which include a router file, print view, and RSS feed
  • Implement ACL in a component and add parameters to a menu item
  • Add category functionality to a component
  • Create a frontend editing form and add it to a component
  • Build a basic module and add standard field types to a module
  • Create search and content plugins for a custom component
  • Build a template that uses Bootstrap CSS

What you'll learn
  • Install Joomla manually
  • Scripted Joomla Install
  • Understand Public View
  • Understand Administrator View
  • Use the Control Panel
  • Work with Global Configurations
  • Work with the Media Manager
  • Install Extensions
  • Uninstall Extensions
  • Update Extensions
  • Create Categories
  • Add Images to Articles
  • Create and Save Articles
  • Create internal and external hyperlinks
  • Add Meta Descriptions to pages
  • Manage Artcles
  • Add Code to an article
  • Create and Manage Menus
  • Change the Order or Menu Items
  • Create a layout and set options
  • Set Featured Articles
  • Install and Configure Templates
  • Add Modules to Your Website
  • Manage Modules
  • Understand, Use and Manage Components